We were formally Bromley Ladies Golf Club and are now known as The Darenth Ladies

In 1981 an advertisement was placed in the Bromley area ‘News Shopper’ by Alan Hodgson, the Professional at Magpie Hall Lane Golf Course, Bromley Common, advertising ‘Golf lessons for housewives’.  A group of about twelve ladies attended the lessons and as these progressed the ladies golfing skills improved but more than that the ladies began to get to know each other and as a consequence they started to stay on after the lessons for a cup of coffee and a chat in the Club House.
On completion of the lessons Alan Hodgson suggested that they should get in some real practice and play a regular nine holes of golf at that course and consequently some lasting friendships were forged.

After about four years of regularly playing together it was felt that there was a real need for a ladies golf club in the Bromley area and the idea of possibly forming a ‘Ladies Golf Club’ at Magpie Hall Lane Golf Course was seriously considered.  
Bromley Borough Council owned that course and so, on behalf of the ladies group, Dorothy Sainsbury, one of the keen founding members approached the Council and informally discussed with their representative the idea of forming a Ladies Golf Club at Magpie Hall Lane Golf Course  This idea was subsequently approved.by the Council and therefore the club was formed.  After much discussion it was decided to name the club ‘Bromley Ladies Golf Club’

After a while the club submitted an application to both the English Ladies Golf Association and the Ladies Golf Union for an affiliation the the Golf Union and formal recognition of the ‘Bromley Ladies Golf Club’. It was with great delight that the formal applications the ladies had made to ELGA and the LGU were accepted and in 1985 Bromley Ladies Golf Club was now established as a bona-fida ladies golf club affiliated to the LGU (Subsequent to this the English Ladies Golf Association (ELGA) was renamed English Womens Golf Association (EWGA) who  have since merged with the English Golf Union to form England Golf)

During 1996 and 1997 there was a big upheaval at Magpie Hall Lane Golf course in respect of civil engineering works involved in the construction of a new surface water sewer and culvert.  In parallel with this extensive alterations were being made to the course to accommodate land acquired for the building of a new school.  As a consequence BLGC had to arrange to play their medal games at High Elms Golf Club.  About the same time BLGC were informed by Alan Hodgson that a new club was planned to be formed at Magpie Hall Lane and BLGC would be unable to remain there as an independent ladies golf club. This would mean that BLGC would have to give up their independence and accept the option of being a ladies section of the new club.  It was felt that, having been independent for so long, it would be difficult to integrate with a new club believed to be intent only on increasing numbers without improving standards and etiquette so discussions continued with a view to changing the BLGC ‘home course’.  Enquiries were made at other courses nearby and High Elms Golf Club also expressed that should BLGC join them they would be required to give up their independence and merge with the ladies section there. So, following discussions with Darenth Valley, who made us very welcome, it was agreed that we would move over to that course in January.2000 and the last game was played by BLGC at Magpie Hall Lane Golf Course on 12th December 1999.  

Mrs. Cross the original owner and Darenth Valley management were very supportive of our club over the years.

Since the club was sold in 2016, Jason Fox, the new owner, has renamed it The Darenth and made many improvements to the course and clubhouse.  We have integrated into The Darenth club and share their handicap system so a motion was carried on 15th May 2018 to rename Bromley Ladies the The Darenth Ladies as we are now the ladies section of The Darenth.  We are pleased to say that we still have several of our founder members in the club.

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