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Information and reminders of rules

The Darenth scorecard

Click this link to download a file of the new WHS Handicapping Rules

Under the new World Handicap System golf club members are allotted a 'handicap index' once they have presented three qualifying 18 hole cards (or mixture of 9 hole & 18 hole cards with a total of 54 holes). 

To view your handicap index you need your National I.D. number- (list here)  and then go on to the England Golf WHS Platform website here and Activate your WHS 'My England Golf' profile. You will then be sent a confirmation code by email which you then enter and create a password to register on the site. We recommend you also download an App called My EG to your phone as you can check your course handicap on other courses and also put in a qualifying card at another course on that app.

After that you can log in at any time with your password.  You will then be able to see your new exact 'handicap index' and how it was gained from past competition results (they take the best 8 out of the past 20 games) and view any changes regularly.  Please do keep a check on your latest handicap index after each qualifying game so you can convert it to the course index and playing handicap as necessary.


Individual qualifying competitions are now worked out on 95% of your Course handicap so you check your Handicap index on MyEG first. then look up your Course handicap from The Darenth course chart here (scroll down to the 3rd page for Ladies tees) and take your Course handicap x 95%  which gives you your Playing handicap.  

Team games or non-qualifyiers will be played off full handicap. 

Four Ball Better Ball games are played on 85% of your Course handicap but are not qualifying competitions.

Four Ball Matchplay games (as when we play a match against another club) are worked out from 90% of your course handicap



Please sign your intention of playing in qualifying games with your full name and date of the game on our 'WhatsApp' group 'TDL weekly sign up'  (or email Eileen if this is not possible).


Please note that any full member can put in a 9 or 18 hole general play card to qualify for handicap purposes.  You can do this at any time as long as you sign the book in the Pro shop, sign the card, have the card signed by another member and put your card in the box after the game.  If the tees are in temporary positions during the winter you will not be able to put in a qualifying card though.

If you play at another course {worldwide} you use your 'handicap index' to look up your Course Handicap for that course on that club's conversion table so your handicap will change from course to course according to their slope rating.

9 hole games will be played on the 18 hole cards with adjustments for course and slope rating. 


Preferred lies on closely mown areas start on 1st October through to 30th April 2022.

The new guidelines from England Golf & WHS now state when preferred lies must start & finish. If you wish to take relief under this rule then please mark your ball, clean if needed and replace within 6 inches of the marker making

sure your ball is not nearer to the hole. Closely mown areas are defned as fairways and green approaches/fringe


We do frequently find several mistakes on the cards. Would you please all check where you get shots according to your handicap (and also the adding up!) and check your scores are the same as your marker.  Please also try to keep the scores legible as they are difficult to read sometimes. If mistakes are made when you are playing qualifying games and you sign for a better score than you had you can be disqualified!! Also can you please write your full name on the card and the date.


When you log on to we come under 'The Darenth'  golf club. It is password protected so ask Kay or Eileen for the initial password, choose your name on the players list then you get the option to create your own password.   On Masterscoreboard you can:-

View results of the games (click on 'Competitions', then' More Competitions' just underneath it, then 'Ladies')

Check on the status of the Eclectic or Knockout competitions. 

Check your handicap index status on the 'Handicap List', then click on' Ladies' at the top.


It is possible to run some nine hole qualifying games to help those members who are either, not fit enough or don’t have enough time due to work commitments, to play in enough qualifying games.  We will put these on if we find it is required. 

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