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We are finding that not many of you really understand the Handicapping system so you might find this Congu Quick guide helpful. Please read it thoroughly and try to absorb it! 

There are also some new rules which have come into place this year so make sure you pick up one of the new rule books on the shelf at the club.  Also click here for a YouTube video for some tips on the new rules

Please note that we are not implementing the optional new local rule of dropping the ball out from where it was lost for a penalty of two.  You must use the stroke and distance rule by hitting another ball from where you took the last shot.  Therefore it is easier and speeds the game up if you play a provisional ball if you think it may be difficult to find.

There are also major changes starting at the end of 2019 to bring our English system into a worldwide system.  This will involve slope ratings for courses which will mean you will have a different handicap according to which course you play so click here to view a list of frequently asked questions about the world handicap system starting 2020.


We do frequently find several mistakes on the cards. Would you please all check where you get shots according to your handicap (and also the adding up!) and check your scores are the same as your marker.  Please also try to keep the scores legible as they are difficult to read sometimes. If mistakes are made when you are playing qualifying games and you sign for a better score than you had you can be disqualified!! Also can you please write your full name on the card and the date.


Just a reminder that if your ball falls into a bunker which is 'ground under repair' you can drop it out at the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole.


When you log on to www.masterscoreboard.co.uk now we come under 'The Darenth'  golf club as we have combined our handicap program with the men. It is password protected so ask Kay or Eileen for the password.   Don't forget; on Masterscoreboard you can:-

Check your handicap status on the 'Handicap List' (then click on' Ladies' at the top)

View results of the games (click on 'Competitions', then' More Competitions' just underneath it, then 'Ladies')

Check on the status of the Eclectic or Knockout competitions. 

Shortcuts to:- 

Latest Handicap list here 


Competitions here


We do run some nine hole qualifying games to help those members who are either, not fit enough or don’t have enough time due to work commitments, to play in enough qualifying games.  Only ‘Home’ club players will be able to compete in these as they have to be calculated on exact handicap. We have had to obtain a certificate for the Standard Scratch Score for the first nine holes of our course so you must take a different scorecard which is kept in our changing room, (example here) with amended stroke indexes and SSS, prior to those games.   There will be a list of handicap allowances at the club to help you work out which holes you get strokes on as it is worked out on your exact handicap (example here).  Just ask Kay if you have any problems.

For 9 hole non-qualifying competitions your stroke allowances are half your playing handicap (rounded up if it works out to .5 or over).


Don’t forget, if you want to play any Supplementary games to keep you handicap updated, you must sign the book on the shelf at the club prior to playing (or on the list if not a qualifying game) and have a member mark your card.  Then give your card to our Handicap Secretary.  These can also be over just the first nine holes.


England Golf have decided that in future all scores for non qualifying games played away must be reported to the home club to assist with the Annual Review of Handicaps.  So if you play in an away competition please advise us of the results. Clubs have a form for this purpose (see our Handicap Sec. if you are not a Home player). If you are unsure about this see the Questions & answers here.  

Please make sure all cards are handed in for all of our competitions.


Kent County Golf Union have now developed a County Card App. The App is available free of charge for members to download from both the App Store and Google Play Store but please note that ladies will not be able to use it until after the proposed merger of the KCLGA and the KGU at the end of March.

Below is a link to the County website that gives a comprehensive guide to the App. There is also an ‘easy to follow’ guide within this web link which provides visual guidance as to the use of the App.


For those members who do not have a smart phone, there is the ability to contact the County Office for a physical card and this is detailed within the web link above.

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