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Latest and upcoming competitions and events


On Tuesday, 28th March we sadly have our final Qualifying Stableford competition as The Darenth Ladies so if you wish to enter this and put a card in please sign on the computer in he clubhouse before the game (you need your club pin number for this so check with Kay if you have forgotten it) and enter your score carefully afterwards. Latest handicap list here. 

If you wish to play, please enter your name on TDL WhatsApp so we know how many of you there will be and roll up at 9.28. Would you also let Steve know you are playing when you arrive please.


After 28th March we will hold no more official competitions and as there will only be a few members left in the Ladies section we may lose our fixed tee times so please check with Steve.

Good luck to all our members who have joined other clubs and hopefully we will be able to meet up regularly so keep an eye on the Darenth Ladies WhatsApp group for info as this site will be closing down at the end of this month.


If you want to check your latest handicap please go to the England Golf App or website and then use that to find your course handicap at whatever club you are playing at.  If you are playing a qualifying game take 95% of your course handicap.

Please get used to working it out for yourself as this website will close down at the end of March when The Darenth Ladies are disbanded.  From April you will have to enter your scores on the EG App to keep up your handicap.

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