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Apparently we are still playing in two's until next week so we have changed back to our previous tee times for 2nd June.   We have a block booking for our subscribers between 9.20 and 10.24 that day now so If we allow about 10 mins apart we can fit in seven couples and we are keeping the extra times we had booked but as we only need three of them now we have moved those people up a time.  (Hope you can understand all that!!) Just bear in mind to let the players in front clear the green before you tee off.  The good news is that the flags are back in now. Watch this space for further updates!!

At the moment non members of The Darenth will still have to pay by card over the phone. 

Still change your shoes in the car and don't exchange any cards at present.  You will be advised of any further information as soon as we are informed.


The committee have decided that in future the Putter's pot competitions will only be for the nine hole players as it will give them something they can compete for even if they don't have an official handicap.

It was also decided that in future when we play stroke play games just count up to ten shots if you are having a bad hole which should speed up the game.

When we get back to normal we are using the Player Entry system on the computer in the bar for Qualifying competitions (when we can resume these) so please see Eileen or Kay for tuition if you are not sure. You will need to know your club Pin Number for the entries which are on the CDH list in the cloakroom at present.  We will give guidance or enter your card for you for a while if you are unsure.  Please make sure that your score matches what you have on your card and check any discrepancies with your marker before finally entering.

master scoreboard

Don't forget, on the Master Scoreboard site you can check the results of most of our competitions, your handicap status and the status of the Eclectic.  When you log in to  we come under 'The Darenth'  golf club. It is password protected so ask Eileen, Moira or Jean for the password.  See:-

Handicap list here

Past competition results here


Practice game, playing in pairs.  Do not exchange cards

Let the players in front clear the green before you tee off

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